March 2nd, 2018

What to wear for your photo shoot:

Do you remember when we would all wear matching khaki pants and black tops... While if you really like that style, then rock it... today's photo wardrobe style is much more candid and you can get really fun with your clothing choices! The goal will be to have everyone look good next to each other without being too matchy-matchy!

Colors and patterns can be fun. Try to avoid a giant mickey mouse on the front of your shirt tho or other large logos. Layers look great in photos and then by adding or removing a layer you can totally change the dynamic of the outfit! Fun ways to layer: a blazer or jacket, a scarf, jewelry, hats, etc! Textures look so great in your photos!

It is fun to pick one bold color or pattern, then you can find other outfits or pieces to go along with it! This mixes things up and makes the session special! Fun colors can make the photo pop and come alive! You can add a pop of color to undershirts, jewelry, shoes, tights, scarves, and hair bows! Jewel tones look great with most skin tones.

Think about where the session will take place. You might pair a flowy dress with a flower garden or beach, or a leather jacket with bridge on a fall day. A pop of red during an outdoor winter photo shoot can make a beautiful holiday card photo!

Look around for ideas. Pinterest has a million ideas. Looking through JCrew catalogs or any of your favorite clothing stores ads can give you ideas for styles you might really like.

When in doubt, ask me! I love to help pull an outfit together!

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